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Personal Training Packages(meal plan included):
Package #1 $400 (1 month 4X a wk) 16 sessions
Package #2 $360 (1 month 3X a wk) 12 sessions
Package #3 $280 (1 month 2X a wk) 8 Sessions
Package #4 $200 (1 month 1X a wk) 4 Sessions

*PAIR SPECIAL* sign up with a friend and receive 50% off the second package and split the difference.
Sign up as a group of 3 and receive 75% off the third package.
Eg: if two people sign up for package #4, it would be $160+ 80 then you split the difference.

3 month special (Gym Location Only and one on one only)
- $675 for 24 sessions
- $750 for 36 sessions

Outcall Residential/Business:
$60-80 per session depending on travel and time of the day. (4 session minimum commitment).

Guest Posing/Guest Appearance Rates: 
In State 
$250.00+$100 per diem (food/transportation)
$100 for every 60miles of travel
2 pre-judging and 2 night show guest tickets. 
Hotel Room 
1 Booth/table at event

Guest Posing/Guest Appearance Rates:
Out of State
$500.00+$100 per diem (food/transportation)
$100 for every 60miles of travel or (Round trip plane ticket)
1 Booth/Table at event 
1 guest ticket for pre-judging and night show. 

The personal training package payments are to be paid in full prior to training and would be collected during your fitness consultation, if you choose to proceed. During the consult we take body measurements, discuss fitness goals, nutrition and schedule sessions. The workouts are designed for each individuals specific needs.


• 1 month of Guidance $150.00
• 2 months of Guidance $200.00
• 3 months Guidance $225.00

To include an exercise routine along with the meal plan add an additional $100.00 per option.  

Online training check-ins are once a week, usually every Saturday. Adjustments will only be made if you plateau or have physical limitations. It takes time to measure progress with a new plan so do not expect weekly changes in the beginning. All online clients will be added to a private group on facebook for accountability. 

Meet our Trainers:

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